The following comes from the words of our first Commodore, 
Udo D. Schadtler:

Founder of the
Mastic Beach Yacht Club

I, Udo D. Schadtler, was founder of the Mastic Beach Yacht Club in 1930. I sat on an overturned rowboat at the north end of the lagoon with $100 in hand until two more men did likewise… 

This was the first move in founding the Yacht Club. Members were solicited until we were in position to bring Mr. Eilertsen into our plan for building a clubhouse. Members such as Sal Azzato, Charley Blomquist, Fred Much, Augie Jacobs and his brother & Mr. Van Ingen, with other hard working men were creators of boat racing activity. 

When the club was finally built we then built a dock at the side of the lagoon where we held swimming contests and watermelon races (with a large following). 

In the course of one of these contests, the dock collapsed and the founders went into the drink, along with a few others. Trophies and silver cups were awarded to the winners of the various contests and races. The club had a fairly heavy start gun and our flag and pennant always fluttered in the air from our big flagpole.

Getting together, socially, with fellow members was always an enjoyable part of the club.
These were the beginning tools in creating the Mastic Beach Yacht Club, Inc. (First reading of incorporation papers took place June 21, 1930). The Ladies Auxiliary was formed on January 13, 1935.

  Udo D. Schadtler

Udo is second from left
The Lagoon
1941 Yacht Club 10th Anniversary Program